Community membership

The membership for every human being who wants to live more happy and fullfilled life. You dont need to be 3P practitioner or coach, you can do everything you want to do and enjoy your life more with understanding.


 It truly doesn't matter what work you do, how old you are, whether you are religious, or what your educational background is. The 3 Principles operate everyone, transforming the lives of all.

The mission of the 3PGC organization is to spread the message of understanding the 3 Principles, as named by Sydney Banks. We aim for as many people worldwide as possible to have the opportunity to realize their true nature and inner well-being.

We want every human being to have access to this understanding. That's why we decided to create a affordable membership that is not just for coaches and practitioners but for everyone who wants to live their life with greater ease and love, for every human being. 

The annual membership fee is a symbolic $80 per year.

Invitation from Kateřina Fišerová,
member of the 3PGC Board

Will you benefit from community membership? 
It's for you if:

... you're new to the world of the 3 Principles, someone may have mentioned them to you, but you have no idea what it's all about.

... you are familiar with the 3 Principles. You know your inner wisdom and want to see more. You want to deepen your understanding.

... you want to be part of the community. Connect with people who understand the inside-out understanding.

community Membership includes:

"going deeper programs"

As part of the membership, you will receive free access to the top 5 most popular programs, guiding you from the basics of understanding the 3 principles to never-ending depths. These programs feature dozens of hours of exploration through materials from Sydney Banks, be it his videos, books, or quotes.

Regular webinars and online meetings

In the course of the year, regular broadcasts are held on a weekly and monthly basis. You can ask questions to registered practitioners or directly to members of the 3PGC Board. We can all explore together. The journey of deepening understanding never ends.

Special discount code for all offered programs

As a member in the dedicated member section, you will find a special discount code for programs offered through the Three Principles Global Community.

easy Connect with other members

You can connect with other members in the dedicated member section. We utilize special forums for easy networking. Find new friends who, like you, are interested in the 3 principles. You can also connect more easily with your international community and people living in your vicinity.

Final summary - What does the Community membership include for $80 per year?

  • Create a profile, join groups, easy connect to members
  • Special discount for new 3PGC programs
  • Reading for Depth, An Exploration of Sydney Banks Books
    Recording of whole program of 18 sessions
    (Original price: $450)
  • The foundation course
    The program includes four recorded webinars with members of the 3PGC board.
    (Original price: $200)
  • The Discoveries of Sydney Banks
    This program contains ten webinars with Dr. George Pransky, the first licensed therapist to hear and study with Syd and then became a close friend.
    (Original price: $250)
  • Live Sessions for Reflecting on Syd Videos
  • Weekly Reflections on Sydney Banks Quotes
  • Common Misconceptions Videos
    In these five webinars Dicken Bettinger, Natasha Swerdloff and Erika Bugbee speaks to some of the common misconceptions of the understanding of the three Principles.
    (Original price: $30)
  • The Paradox Videos
    The 3PGC board have created six webinars where they speak to the paradoxes that we enter into as practitioners of the three Principles.
    (Original price: $10)

Thank you for your support. 

Your annual financial contribution of $80 supports our vision and enables us to spread the understanding of the 3P principles and Sydney Banks' legacy worldwide. We truly appreciate it. Thank you for your open mind. Thank you for your open-mindedness. If you have any questions about your membership, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you.